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Nat Nehdar

Nat Nehdar
executive director
life coaching

Raised in Persia, currently Iran, Nat Nehdar was blessed with extraordinary parents who created an environment of tolerance and acceptance.  Prejudice and racial discrimination were not concepts that had merit in his life.  At thirteen years old, Nat journeyed to the United States to further his education and in the process discovered his destiny.  With no family to soften the cultural differences, young Nat was confronted with man’s darker side, as he watched the United States come to terms with the Civil Rights Movement. Polarized by what he was witnessing he began his lifelong dedication of promoting strong, healthy human relations among all people and to overcome: prejudice, discrimination, racism and violence. 

For the past 40 years, through his motivational seminars and public speaking engaments, he has reached thousands, transforming their lives in a positive and world affirming manner.  He carries that mission forward as a Pasadena Human Relations Commissioner, Chair, where he developed the Pasadena unified School District outreach program that has been positively impacting PUSD students for over 15 years.  Through his classroom work he has empowered our children by teaching them that difference is not something to ridicule but rather it is something to celebrate and embrace.  His message to our area children goes beyond tolerance to acceptance and appreciation of our diversity.  He has also empowered women of all ages through his: “Empowerment Of Life” teaching, that each person must strive to achieve her highest potential through education and become self depended and not depended on men for most everything in life.  From the school administration to the individual student, all have embraced this man and his simple but inclusive lessons.  Walking down the campus hallways he is greeted with warmth, respect and well-deserved love. His unselfish devotion to creating a world that lauds the individual and respects differences is the foundation that our students are building their stronger tomorrows upon.  It has been Nat’s core belief that our children are our biggest asset and the future of our world, therefore we must continue invest wisely in their education and by example teach them respect for all human beings. 

Among Nat’s many accomplishments and awards, he was named Pasadena Citizen of the Year for 2005.  As a resident of Pasadena since 1958, he graduated from Pasadena High School, Pasadena City College and earned his BS degree from University of Arizona and his Masters degree in Finance from University of Washington.