1. Ensure your eligibility. Students attending the Two Cranes International Music Festival must be age 8 or older.  Students ( out side of The State) 8 to 14 years of age need to be accompanied by parents or a chaperone .
  2. Download the Two Cranes Application Form PDF file here. 
    報名表Read the application form carefully as it contains crucial information about logistics. You can fill out the form by directly typing into the form fields within the PDF file. The PDF includes three documents:
    • Application Form and Festival Agreement
    • International Travel and Health / Medical Insurance Application (for international travelers only)
    • Student Participant Information Application (for student participants only)
  3. Complete and sign the Application Form and Festival Agreement
  4. Include a nonrefundable application fee of
    報名費 $150

    • Applicants from China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Europe 


      • Option 1: Send payments via our partner travel agency, Morning Bridge International (see application form for details)
      • Option 2: Pay via PayPal (click on PayPal button below)
    • Applicants from USA
      • Option 1: send a check or money order payable to "Acevedo Music & Art Education Foundation, Inc."
      • Option 2: to pay via credit card, contact Yin Yin Huang ( or Nat Nehdar (
      • Option 3: Pay via PayPal (click on Paypal button below)
  5. Prepare additional materials, if applicable
    • International applicants must include the International Travel and Health / Medical insurance application
    • Student participants must complete the Student Participant Information Application AND include a a music biography or music resume
    • Students participating in the competition must also complete the Competition Application Form and submit the competition application fee
      比賽報名費 of $35 by August 1, 2017
Mail all application materials to:

Two Cranes International Music Festival
C/O Yin Yin Huang
501 N. Hidalgo Ave
Alhambra, CA 91801, USA



The deadline to register for the festival is July 15, 2017 

Acevedo Music & Art Education Foundation
501 N. Hidalgo Ave.
Alhambra, CA 91801
Please visit the contact us page for more contact details.